F1B Staff Picks- USGP results

With all but one round of the 2013 Formula One Championship now complete, things over at the F1B Staff Championship have tightened up ever so slightly, but is it too little too late? As Grace comes out of Austin with a goose egg the size of Maldonado’s reputation, Tony moves up some nine points on the strength of Sebastian Vettel’s win at the U.S. Grand Prix. However, even if he were to pick every spot correctly in this coming weekend’s season ending Brazilian Grand Prix and Grace once again went scoreless, the best that the Texan could do would be to tie the current points leader. So is the season all wrapped up? Maybe…MAYBE. But throughout the field, it is anything but finished.

Todd was this week’s big scorer, taking not only Der Seb for the win, but also RoGro for 2nd and the Hulk for 6th, tightening up the gap between 2nd and 3rd. Andrew, having picked the winner, Alonso and Hulkenberg all correctly, scored good points, but dropped just slightly behind Todd, having been tied for 3rd following the last round. Laura also broke her tie with Paul for 5th after our resident driving instructor also went scoreless in Texas. Dave and Vic took nine points each for the win, while Chris picked up six tics with Webbo and Alonso’s finishing places. Now with just a few days remaining before it’s all over but the crying, there is still a lot that can happen in the 2013 F1B Staff World Championship!


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