#F1Chat Preview – 2012 season review

Eight different winners, two title contenders and one triple world champion. That pretty much sums up the 2012 Formula One World Championship, and on #F1Chat this week, we’ll be looking back on a great season. Here’s what’s coming up…

So what did you think of the season and the championship battle? What was your favourite race of the year? Did any surprise you? What was your least favourite race of the season? What was your favourite moment of 2012 – was it race, or was it Kimi Raikkonen’s radio messages? Was it an overtaking manoeuvre, or was it Kimi’s excursion in Brazil? Are there any moments you’d rather forget?

Who was your driver of the season? What was your favourite overtake of the year? Were there any drivers who you didn’t think lived up to expectations in 2012? Looking ahead to 2013 – do you think Vettel will win another championship?

Moving on to this week’s news. Bruno Senna is out of Williams, and Valtteri Bottas is in alongside Pastor Maldonado. Thoughts on this news? Lotus are yet to announce their second driver, but it looks like it will be Romain Grosjean – do you agree? Who do you think will take the final seat available at Force India? What about Caterham and Marussia? HRT are not on the 2013 entry list. Thoughts on this?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK, and don’t forget to use the #F1Chat hashtag to answer the questions. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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