#F1Chat Preview – New Jersey, Massa and the Indian GP Preview

This week, New Jersey was cancelled for 2013 and Felipe Massa signed a year’s deal with Ferrari. Here’s what’s coming up on #F1Chat this week…

The 2013 New Jersey GP has been cancelled – are you surprised by this news? The FIA will release a revised calendar later in the year, do you think another circuit will replace it next year and if so, which one? Do you think New Jersey will return to the calendar in 2014? Bernie Ecclestone insists it will happen.

Let’s talk about Felipe Massa’s extended contract at Ferrari. He’ll remain with the Italian team for another year – do you agree with this decision? Fernando Alonso tweeted that he was happy with the news – thoughts on this? It’s just for a year, and the rumours are heating up that Vettel may move to Ferrari in 2014 (depending on how the team performs in 2013). Do you think this will happen?

Kimi Raikkonen has said he thinks his 48 point deficit to Sebastian Vettel is not an impossible hurdle to overcome, and his first season at Ferrari proves it. Do you think he’s right? He’s yet to win a race in 2012.

Sir Jackie Stewart has said Vettel isn’t the best he could be and owes a lot to Adrian Newey for giving him the best car. Do you agree? Do you think Vettel could be up there with one of F1’s greats in the coming years?

Let’s look ahead to the Indian Grand Prix. What are your predictions for the race – who’ll be on pole? Who do you think will win? What did you think of the inaugural Indian Grand Prix last year? Did you enjoy it, and do you think we’re set for a good race this year? The FIA have extended the DRS zone following a lack of overtaking last year – do you think this will help? Do you even like DRS?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK, using the #F1Chat hashtag to answer the questions.

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