#F1Chat Preview – testing, RBR’s hearing, and looking ahead to China…

This week we have testing to discuss, RBR’s appeal hearing, a possible rethink on double points, and the Chinese Grand Prix to look forward to. Here’s what’s coming up on tomorrow’s #F1Chat…

We’ll start with RBR’s appeal hearing, where we’ll discuss the outcome of RBR’s meeting with the FIA in Paris about Daniel Ricciardo’s disqualification in Australia.

Onto the first in-season test which took place in Sakhir after the Bahrain Grand Prix – what were your thoughts on the results?

This week Jean Todt hinted that there may be a rethink over the future of double points for the final race of the season depending on the reaction at the end of this season. Do you think this will happen? If there is enough of an outcry from the fans, do you think they will reconsider? What do you dislike more, double points or the new engines?

Paddy Lowe says the fuel regulations should be made tougher for teams rather than tweaking them to make life easier for those who are struggling with the changes. There has been talk about increasing the fuel limits or shortening the races. What are your thoughts on all of this? Do you agree with Paddy Lowe? What would you think if the races were shortened to help teams who are struggling? Should the sport be about pushing the teams to be innovative with technology or should they address this regulation?

Finally, looking ahead to the Chinese GP – who do you think will be on pole? Predictions for the win? Can anyone catch Mercedes this time out?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK. Follow @F1Chat for the questions and answer using the #F1Chat hashtag. As always, we look forward to discussing the week’s news…

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