#F1Chat Preview – the British GP

What an eventful British Grand Prix! Who would’ve thought after qualifying, Lewis Hamilton would decrease Nico Rosberg’s 29-point advantage in the drivers’ standings to just four. We’ve got lots to discuss on #F1Chat tomorrow, so here’s what’s coming up…

Kimi Raikkonen had a 47G impact on the opening lap of the race. Felipe Massa, who was caught up in the crash said afterwards that Raikkonen could have slowed down to prevent a crash after he ran wide – what did you think about what happened?

During the race, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso provided a show for the fans as they fought over fifth in the closing stages of the race. Both drivers complained about the other, both claiming the other had exceeded track limits on several occasions. What did you think of their scrap? Alonso said after the race he knew Vettel would beat him but was proud he kept him behind for 13 laps – what do you make of Ferrari’s performance? Vettel started second, but was down to fifth in the opening corners of the race. The team put him on a two-stop strategy which later turned out to be the wrong call – what did you think about this?

Vettel’s teammate Daniel Ricciardo managed to make a one-stop strategy work and finished third after starting eighth. What were your thoughts on his race? In the closing laps, Jenson Button was catching him, and both drivers said that Button would have taken the final podium place if he’d had an extra lap – what do you think? Overall, what did you think of McLaren’s race weekend?

Williams had a mixed weekend. After both drivers went out of qualifying in Q1, things weren’t looking good, and Massa retired following his collision with Raikkonen on lap one. Bottas started 14th after grid penalties but carved his way through the field at the restart, eventually finishing second – what did you think of his race? Do you think Valtteri Bottas is one to watch in the future following two consecutive podiums?

Qualifying didn’t go to plan for Hamilton on Saturday after he aborted his final lap in Q3 as his rivals, including teammate Nico Rosberg improved their times. What did you think about Hamilton’s decision to back out of the lap? What did you think of his charge from 6th on the grid? Luck ran out for Rosberg in the race when he suffered his first retirement of the season and a win for Lewis brings the points gap down to just four. Were you disappointed we didn’t get to see an on-track battle? Hamilton was catching Rosberg after the first round of stops – Rosberg had opted for a second set of options, but Hamilton’s prime tyres were lighting up the time sheets – thoughts on this?

So who was your driver of the day? Overtake of the race?

In other news this week, the 2016 Italian Grand Prix at Monza could be the last at the circuit according to Bernie Ecclestone – what do you think about this news?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK. Follow @F1Chat for the questions and use the #F1Chat hashtag in your answers. As always, we looking forward to chatting tomorrow!

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