#F1Chat Preview – the final winter test

The final test is over and the next time F1 2014 hits the track it’ll be in Melbourne in just under two weeks time. While we wait for the season to begin, here’s what’s coming up on tomorrow’s #F1Chat…

First, we’ll discuss the final test… What were your thoughts? What do you think we have learned from the final test? Who do you think is ahead? And from what we’ve seen on track during winter testing, who do you think will do well in Australia and who do you see struggling?

Lewis Hamilton has said that Red Bull has a ‘stunning car’ and once they get to grips with the problems they have been having he thinks they will be frontrunners in 2014 – do you agree? Or is this someone else’s season? He also said there is a lot more to come from Mercedes – do you think Mercedes-powered teams will be the ones to beat this season? What about Ferrari?

Also this week, the tweaks to qualifying have been approved. To ensure everyone in the top ten goes out in Q3, the rules have been changed so that the top ten start on the tyres they set their fastest Q2 time on – thoughts on this? Q1 has been cut from 20 to 18 minutes, and Q3 has been extended from 10 to 12 minutes to give the top ten more time to set a quick lap – thoughts on this change?

It was announced this week that Rob Smedley will be moving to Williams and will take up the role of Head of Vehicle Performance – what do you think about this announcement? What can Rob bring to Williams?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK. Follow @F1Chat for the questions, and answer using the #F1Chat hashtag. As always we look forward to talking soon!

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