#F1Chat Preview – the Italian GP

This week on #F1Chat we have the Italian Grand Prix to discuss, where Lewis Hamilton won, Kevin Magnussen received yet another penalty for causing a collision, and Valtteri Bottas was the overtake king. Here’s what’s coming up tomorrow…

Hamilton hinted after the race that he suspected Nico Rosberg would crack under the pressure of his charge following the pitstops. Rosberg admitted after the race he had felt the pressure and ended up making a mistake into turn one which gave Hamilton the opportunity to retake the lead of the race. You could argue after a few reliability issues so far this season, and sitting 22 points adrift from Rosberg, Hamilton has nothing to lose in his title challenge – do you think Rosberg will start cracking under the pressure from his teammate in the final six races of the season?

There has been talk since the race that Rosberg’s mistake was in fact his ‘punishment’ for what happened in Spa, and that he deliberately made the mistake to ‘repay’ Hamilton for what happened. What do you make of this? Could you really see Rosberg doing that when he was in the lead of the race and is fighting for the championship?

Bottas was on a charge during the race following a poor getaway from third. His favourite overtaking manoeuvre was into turn one, but when attempting to overtake Magnussen, he was forced to run wide to avoid a collision. Magnussen received a 5-second stop-and-go penalty for forcing Bottas off the track – what did you think about the penalty? Bottas said after the race: “It’s difficult to say if it was worth a penalty,” – he added: “I didn’t have the chance to overtake even though we were already side by side.” What do you think? Do you agree with him or do you think it was clear that Magnussen failed to leave space?

Before we move on to other news over the last week, who was your driver of the race? Overtake of the race? Did anyone disappoint you?

Williams confirmed over the weekend that they will be retaining Bottas and his teammate Felipe Massa for 2015 – thoughts on this?

The draft 2015 calendar has been revealed – not much has changed from this year, bar the additional of Mexico in October. What do you think about the calendar?

Bernie Ecclestone has hinted he is hopeful of a new deal with Monza. What do you think of this? Now the race is over what did you think about the changes to the Parabolica? And what did you make of the resurfacing of the original banking?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK. Follow @F1Chat for the questions and respond using the #F1Chat hashtag. As always, we look forward to talking soon!

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