#F1Chat Preview – the Singapore GP

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Another race done and dusted, and we have just six to go in 2012. As the lights go out on F1’s night race, here’s what’s coming up on this week’s #F1Chat…

So what did you think of the race? Who was your driver of the day?

Lewis Hamilton looked good for another win for McLaren, but it wasn’t to be as he suffered with gearbox failure. McLaren knew it could be a problem on Saturday – should they have changed the gearbox and taken a grid-drop, or were they right to take a gamble? Can Lewis catch Alonso in the final six races?

The safety car made two appearances, the first of which lasted for several laps after a minor crash by Karthikeyan at turn 18. Should the safety car have been out for that long? Should lapped cars be able to unlap themselves?

At the restart, Button nearly went into the back of Vettel as he slowed the pack. It was investigated after the race. Thoughts on this?

The second safety car period was due to a crash caused by Schumacher who outbreaked himself and drove into the back of Vergne. What did you make of this? Should Schumacher be penalised? It’s the second time this has happened this season.

What did you make of Ferrari’s race? It was damage limitation for Alonso, and Massa did well to finish 8th after a first lap puncture saw him last. What did you make of his save after a near miss with Senna?

What did you make of Paul di Resta’s race? He finished 4th. What about Marussia?

Alonso has extended his lead in the championship. Can he be caught?

Finally, Singapore will remain on the calendar for another five years. What are your thoughts on this? And what are your thoughts on next year’s provisional calendar?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK, using the #F1Chat hashtag to answer the questions. We look forward to seeing you there.

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