#F1Chat Preview – the USGP

F1 made its return to the US for the first time since 2007 this weekend, and the Austin Grand Prix didn’t disappoint. So without further ado, here’s what’s coming up on tomorrow’s #F1Chat…

First up, what did you think of the race? Did you expect it to be that good? Tell us what you thought of the track – what did you think of the layout?

Before the race started, Ferrari were causing a stir by breaking the seal on Massa’s gearbox to drop him back five places on the grid and to put Alonso on the clean side. They admitted what they did, stating F1 is a team sport and they’re fighting for a championship. Did you agree with them deliberately enforcing a penalty on Massa to help Alonso? Do you think it is possible the FIA will end up tweaking the gearbox rules to stop teams doing this in the future, even though it rarely happens?

What did you make of the start of the race? Those on the dirty side lost out, albeit not as much as we predicted they would, but there was no drama at turn one. Was it as you expected?

We were treated to some great racing, not just between Vettel and Hamilton, but between the midfield as well. Hamilton put the pressure on Vettel, but Vettel didn’t like the way Hamilton overtook him. What did you make of this?

Lewis drove a superb race. Do you think he may end up regretting his decision to leave McLaren following his win in Austin? Or do you think he’ll be happy he’s leaving on a high?

What did you make of Alonso’s race? He made a great start, but finished nearly 40 seconds adrift from Hamilton and Vettel. What about Massa? Despite his penalty he finished 4th. Do you think we can see more from him in 2013?

Abu Dhabi’s race winner Kimi Raikkonen finished 6th, with his teammate Grosjean finishing 7th. Thoughts on their races? Grosjean had an uncharacteristic spin early on in the race, do you think this was down to the nature of the track and the fact it hadn’t been raced on before?

Mercedes had a poor race. Despite starting 5th, Schumacher finished a lap down in 15th, while Rosberg, who struggled in qualifying, finished 13th. Both had to pit twice due to problems with their tyres. What do you make of this?

Before we move on to talking about next weekend’s race, who was your driver of the day? Overtake of the race?

Finally, let’s look ahead to the final race of the season in Brazil. Who do you think will be on pole? What about the win? It looks like it could rain. The most important question though is who do you think will win the title – Vettel or Alonso?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK using the #F1Chat hashtag to answer the questions. We look forward to chatting then.

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