#F1Chat Special with Sky’s @CroftyF1

Exciting news for this week’s #F1Chat Preview as on Monday night, we will be joined by Sky commentator David Croft, who will be answering your questions about the sport and his thoughts on the 2012 season.

While Crofty answers your questions, we’ll also be discussing your favourite moments of the year so far – what is it you have loved the most? Was it seeing seven winners from the first seven races? Alonso getting everything and then some out of the Ferrari to lead the championship by 37 points with seven rounds to go? A surprisingly exciting GP in Valencia? Or how about the return of Kimi Raikkonen? We’ll be asking Crofty who has impressed him the most this season, which race has been his favourite, and what he thinks about the current silly season, as well as his predictions for the championship.

We’ll also be looking ahead to the Singapore Grand Prix – so who do you think will be on pole? Who do you think will win?

If you’ve got a question you would like to ask Crofty, join us on Monday at 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK and send him your questions: @CroftyF1, using the #F1Chat hashtag. We’re looking forward to having Crofty on #F1Chat and we hope you can all join us.

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