FBC indi Episode #001 — Dominance at Iowa & Toronto Prognostications

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We’re trying something new! Please grab a refreshment and enjoy our first IndyCar-specific podcast hosted by Doug Patterson with co-hosts Tom “The Motorsports Monk” Firth and John “The Race Fan” Olsakovsky. We review the scant news from IndyCar, review the Iowa Corn 300, and preview the Honda Indy Toronto Grand Prix. As this is our first episode, we certainly welcome any comments and feedback as we work on smoothing out the kinks and bring some commentary, occasional insight, and snark to that other open-wheel series, IndyCar.


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Thank you so much for this. Indy coverage is so scarce and you guys are doing a great service to the community. Please keep them coming. More to follow but put them on the iTunes feed!

Tom Firth

Hopefully we can get ITunes sorted, let’s find out –

‘Todd can you be so kind as to get us on iTunes please?’ :-)




I just submitted to iTunes. Now we wait to see if we’re worthy. :S

Paul KieferJr

Still not seeing anything. YouTube, maybe?


I think he meant they submitted for a new feed instead of putting it on the main F1B feed.

Tom Firth

It’s submitted to ITunes, it does take a while to be verified and is at Apple discretion whether it is or not. Stay tuned on that.

In the meantime, soundcloud link is the way to listen :-)

John The Race Fan

If you’re like me and can’t stream, you can download .mp3 files from SoundCloud to play offline.
It’s not as convenient as a podcast aggregator, but it works.


Chilton and Rossi might do better at Pocono because of the dramatic differences in the three turns. It does require the ability to better cope with a car that will always have a deficiency in at least one corner. However, being it is still a asymmetrical car, they are a bit behind in knowing how to adjust the set-up. The best thing for IndyCar right now is for Josef to stay with ECR. The series needs another team to compete for wins and have success. SMP has Hinch who is up and down, but I think Josef is a bit… Read more »

Tom Firth

I think Andretti are pushing for change at the moment, they’ve given Robin Frijns a test. Autosport’s quotes seem to indicate its a present for being part of the Formula E Andretti Team. I’d say its more a chance to evaluate for a change in the teams driver lineup.

As for 2am podcasting, I’m fine with that, I just wasn’t 100% the other night, but generally that’s a good time for me and look forward to the second podcast. As for the brand of tea, Taylors of Harrogate, Yorkshire.


Regarding downforce, I remember in F1 someone (Brundle I think) pointing out that it was wrong to call Monaco high downforce and Monza low downforce as the difference in top speeds meant that the smaller wings at Monza produced the same overall downforce at maximum speed as the bigger wings did at the maximum speed at Monaco. He said at the time that it was more correct to refer to them as high and low drag circuits. With restrictions on wing sizes it is less appropriate now, but I did wonder if the same applied to road course and super… Read more »

John The Race Fan

At least the KC Regional SCCA Autocross. :) IndyCar will select a set of aero parameters for teams to use based on the circuit. They have specific parts they can add/remove/replace on the car that produce different levels of downforce at either front or rear. To confuse matters, the body kits have oval configuration and road/street course configuration. Both configurations have high and low workforce configs. It’s confusing as all get out, to be honest. To make it even MORE confusing, the teams can change out body kit parts for more or less downforce, even setting the car up with… Read more »

John The Race Fan

Doug forgot to include this funny tidbit when he posted the podcast. This is the photograph we referenced about the “girthy” individual with a poor choice of seating location.
Have a laugh!
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