FBC Indi Episode #12 – Seats are going fast

As the offseason grows longer, speculation about the last few open seats runs rampant. Since our fearless leader Doug has to take care of family, Tom “TMM” Firth and myself, John “TRF” Olsakovsky will break down all we know. About who’s in and who’s out for 2017. Dallara is going to be Dallara or a while, but that’s not all bad, and we’ll tell you why.

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Final Thoughts

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So AA drops its highest points scorer for someone who is a proven resource waster – crashing. Maybe he is getting free or discounted stuff, by Andretti also just lost a ton of points with this switch. JPM no longer strikes me as an endurance racer. He’s just far too large and unfit, it seems. Too bad this came out before the ECR news. What do you guys think? I was underwhelmed with JRH but he seems to be quite intelligent and will help with set up and development via communication with the techs. It’s also good to see another… Read more »

Tom Firth

Yeah, the AA logic is weird, not sure what the plan is with them hiring Sato over Munoz, it does seem an odd decision. JPM I think makes a fantastic endurance racer, the one thing that I always thought would be detrimental to JPM in Endurance is his attitude but he was great for Chip at Daytona three years ago, and so I can’t see why if Penske did go to IMSA, he couldn’t do the same thing. His fitness is probably better now after three years in Indycar, than it was when he was still a stock car driver.… Read more »