FBC indi Episode #17 — Prix View at Phoenix

We’re a bit late this week, and at the same time a bit early. Recording at 6am on Sunday, our typical beverage roll call, while still featuring drinks strong enough to eat spoons, lean more toward the coffee and tea variety. This week marks the Indycar ‘Prix View’ event at Phoenix International Raceway. The first open test of the 2017 Verizon Indycar Series season. Elsewhere in the news, we have a number of signings in the Mazda Road to Indy and a few changes to the IndyCar format to discuss.

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What’s going to benefit the casual fan (shorter/tightened weekend schedule) may hinder the teams as well – will less television time and in-person exposure reduce what companies are willing to pay for sponsorship. The main part of this NASCAR change that bothers me (apart from thinking the whole idea is dumb, they should return to straight-up points, maybe with bonus points) is they calling them “enhancements.” It’s sensationalist, probably them thinking, in my opinion, indication of little faith or believing it’s all an unnecessary gimmick. If it were a good idea, why call it anything other what it is, a… Read more »


It has been a while since the PntbP button activation was hidden. It’s been visible for the past couple of seasons and part of on-screen graphics. If it were a condensed one-day schedule at a road course, such as Barber, I’d agree with you. At an oval, though, it makes sense, even from a B2B standpoint. You’re inviting clients to a sea of asphalt, not a park-like environment. They’ll spend time down in the pits and up in the suites, and that’s about it. A full day of that with the same amount of cars-on-track time as a two-day schedule… Read more »