FBC indi Episode #21 — Long Beach Preview

Tonight, we take a look at the artist illustration of the 2018 Indycar aero kit, which has emerged in recent days, and look ahead to this weekend’s upcoming Long Beach Grand Prix.

We also take a look at the Mazda Road to Indy Races that opened the 2017 seasons for the USF2000, Pro Mazda, and Indy Lights Championships.  All three series offered great racing and the USF2000 series debuted it’s new USF17 Tatus chassis. Drivers and fans were not disappointed.  Also, the Indy Lights cars experimented with Push2Pass, and we analyze whether it really had that big of an affect on the racing.

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Good choice with Smith’s. It’s one of my favorite brands, making solid and consistent stuff. When the time comes that IC doesn’t have 33 entrants by the deadline, what are they going to do. Holding onto tradition works both ways, falling short and having a bump day. What is the purpose of the current airboxes? Just some cooling? Thankfully here freeing us from the hideous rear bumper pods. Also, too many winglets and current road course packages sitting high atop the rear wheels looks bad. St. Pete a couple years ago was the climax, and luckily the resolution to those… Read more »


It simply is the intake. Absolutely no need for it to be that large, though. And stay tuned for some commentary from John The Race Fan on the issue of making it to 33 entries year after year.

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