FBC indi Episode 33 — Into the Iowa Dusk

Doug is off enjoying some family time, so, once again, he left us in charge. I’m John “The Race Fan” Olsakovsky with Tom “The Motorsport Monk” Firth and we’ll talk about what happened in Road America, a little before focusing on this weekend’s upcoming Iowa Corn 300.

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I don’t think Rossi had any fault in the accident. I only watched this race once, but I can’t recall him moving off line with TK.

I noticed the Lee thing as well. There was a promotion for the WG race and I’m thinkin the and production might not have been on the same part of the script.

Wil JR be as good at Iowa as New was last year? JR has been fast on ovals so far in ’17. I want to see a new winner this year.

Finally last weekend I messed up, forgetting to make my picks.