FBC indi Episode 34 — Tales from Toronto

Doug is in a cave somewhere scouting out underground headquarters to base his plans for worldwide domination.

So… once again it is up to us to update you on Indycar. We missed last weeks show, sorry! This means with Indycars crazy  relentless schedule at this time of year we’ve had two races back to back so we’ve got Iowa to recap followed by Toronto. I’m John “The Race Fan” Olsakovsky with Tom “The Motorsport Monk” Firth.

Show notes and links

Iowa Recap

  • Tough day for Foyt, both cars DNF.
  • Aleshin crashes again.
  • ‘moisture’ hits Iowa, was the red flag the right call?
  • JR Hildebrand shines
  • Helio wins at Iowa
  • Results

Toronto Recap

  • Aleshin replaced by Saavedra.
  • Qualifying – Gutierrez bins it into the wall. Makes the race. Qualifying results
  • Helio’s start
  • Dixon and Power collision lap 1 – discuss – First caution
  • TK’s off on lap 26, second caution
  • Newgarden domination leading 58 of the 85 laps
  • General recap.
  • Results

General news

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John, you need to adjust your levels and add some depth next time (maybe bass). Tom was coming through perfectly but you were very muted in comparison. Phoenix will not be back after next year if the body kit doesn’t put on something stellar. Iowa is a fatiguing race. Iowa’s front stretch is 10 degrees and TMS is probably half that. Are you guys surprised that IC isn’t implementing any head protection? Do you think they might have had they not been so far into the new bodywork? IndyCar needs to cut down dramatically on their caution laps. They’re damn… Read more »