FBC indi, Episode #4 — Mid-Ohio IndyCar and MRTI review

As usual I have with me Tom “The Motorsports Monk” Firth and John “The Race Fan” Olsakovsky, and tonight, we unpack the recent Verizon IndyCar Series and Mazda Road to Indy races at the beautiful Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.  We also take a look at the recent news and tentative 2017 IndyCar schedule.  There’s the potential for an IndyCar race right in the FBC backyard!

Show Notes and Links


IndyCar Qualifying

  • Round 1 – Group 1
  • Round 1 – Group 2
  • Round 2 – Fast 12
  • Round 3 – Fast 6
  • Pagenaud’s injury

“All of a sudden it was like somebody jammed a knife in my back,” Pagenaud said. “This morning the pain was 10 out of 10. I didn’t know if I was going to be doing qualifying, to be honest. But the doctors took good care of me and I managed to get in the car, and once the adrenaline got in, it was better.”

IndyCar Race

  • Clean-ish start
  • Did Pagenaud jump, or catch everyone napping?
  • Dixon get’s Helio’ed or vice versa?
  • Aleshin on rails
  • Improper release ruins Aleshin’s race
  • Daly rotates into the lead but can’t stretch the fuel
  • Bourdais spears Sato in final laps
  • Penske’s Pagenaud and Power Perform Perfectly
  • Box Score

Championship standings


  • USF2000
  • Pro Mazda
  • Indy Lights

Final Thoughts (NSX GT3 debut at Mid-Ohio)

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Sonic half price after 8:00 but I think y’all record right about then. Or In N Out! I think Target leaving won’t do much as it was an outlier anyway. Does IC have more audience world wide than WEC? Probably not, but I really think WEC has a great pay-model. Do we need Iowa, Phoenix, annnnnd Gateway? I’ve liked IC because of distinctly different tracks but this doesn’t do it for me. Please come over here to PIR! The track is baron (I spend a lot of time out there) so I don’t think it would ever happen, but it’s… Read more »


I’m a huge Sato fan and was livid when I saw him get punted right in front of us.

As for Munoz, it is tough to win the 500, but he certainly had the talent to do so.

The sad thing about Marco is that although he should be exploring sports cars or Formula E, he will have an IndyCar ride on the family team for as long as he likes regardless of merit.

John The Race Fan

Whataburger for the milkshake. They are super-thick, so it’s not to obad when you dilute it with something adult-y. :-P
(as a general rule, Whataburger > In-N-Out)

WEC has a larger worldwide audience than VICS. The TV ratings are probably comparable, but WEC has far fewer events.
And yes, we need more ovals. They are supposed to produce great racing. Unfortunately, poor aero choices have result in some duds.

Tom Firth

On WEC vs Indycar internationally – First question.

Are you asking WEC compared to Indycar or the Indy 500 compared to the 24 Hours of Le Mans?


The former. I was referencing their internet viewer model as something IC should offer everyone (don’t they only offer the coverage to Verizon subscribers?).

John The Race Fan

Anyone can use the app and get access to timing and scoring, the Trackside show in podcast form and news items.

Only Verizon subscribers get access to the “premium” content, which includes team radio, in-car cameras, live telemetry and so on.