FBC indi Episode #7 — Power Prevails at Pocono & the Texas Two-Step

The band is back together! Doug, Tom, and John break down the final 500-mile race of the season, the ABC Supply 500 at Pocono, preview the resumption of the Firestone 600 at the Texas Motor Speedway.

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Show notes and links


Pocono Recap

  • Practice crashes – Hunter Reay, Kimball, Montoya.
  • Qualifying – Aleshin on pole.
  • RHR starts last after practice accident. Does not officially qualify
  • Qualifying Results


  • 1st start attempt waved off
    • 2nd attempt Aleshin jumped in the same manner.
  • Sato accident on Lap 2
    • Lost it in T3 from P3
  • Hunter Reay first charge from back to front of grid in 34 laps
  • Pit lane accident involving Helio, Kimball and Rossi
  • Aleshin set up changes during race, impact on result?
  • RHR electrical issues pushed him back down the grid
  • Pagenaud DNF – championship implications
  • Power charge to the front
  • RHR attempted comeback drive, finishing 3rd
  • Top 3 Power, Aleshin. RHR – Results

Texas Preview

Final Thoughts

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I don’t think that any cockpit protection will eliminate all risk if one car lands on top of another. Surely the most effective mitigation is to stop the cars from flying. In the pits this can be done by limiting when a driver can be released. This system works well on much narrower F1 pit lanes, so it should be possible to make it work in IndyCar. Halo, widescreen or full canopy will not make every incident survivable. If these structures are to be introduced then they should be part of a wider safety scheme that mitigates the risk in… Read more »


Sponsors on cars depends on the team. With Andretti this year, it would be best on Munoz or RHR. Marco, not so much. With Penske, having it on all would be the best option. Then again, to counter the argument, having one SMP car wouldn’t make more or less sense than being a team sponsor as they are performing equally and aren’t always in the top five. Foyt can bring the best cars all the time, but Sato is prone to wreck and Hawksworth isn’t great. He’s had his day, but inconsistent. Ed is like the owner who tries too… Read more »