FBC Staff Picks: Australian GP results

An action packed Australian Grand Prix surely had most if not all F1 fans on the edge of their Lazy Boys from the moment the lights went out until the checkered flag fell. And it surely left us all thankful for the integrity of the modern Formula One machine. LewHam’s botched start fell right into J.P.’s hands, helping him to be the only staffer to score points for the win thanks to Nico being the first Silver Arrow to cross the finish line.

Though these nine points were all that J.P. scored, they were enough to put him out front early in the 2016 F1B Staff Championship. Todd has slotted into second spot by way of Vettel’s third place finish and Alonso’s amazing take on First Out (and no, Kvyat doesn’t get that honor as he never took the start). Grace, Tony and Dave all also scored four points for the third place Ferrari, putting them in a three-way tie for 3rd. Tom, Andrew and Paul, who finished in the top three positions respectively last year, all began the new season with no points at all. Does this give the rest of us realistic hopes for the new year or are they just toying with our emotions? We’ll find out in two weeks time Bahrain!


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I think it might be time to consider and FBC Fantasy League with your listeners and readers.

Paul KieferJr

We have one in the forums. Where were you when I posted it?

Paul KieferJr

Looks like I get to join the zeros this time.


I’d like a stewards enquiry Ingo what happened to the points for Felipe in fifth place. Or has Grace finally got her wish to remove him from F1?