FBC Staff Picks: Austrian GP results

As with some F1 races in which not much seems to happen, so it was the case with the FBC Staff Championship. A grand total of fourteen points was scored between four staffers with this week’s big winner being Todd. Where as on most weeks, if staffers go with Hamilton to win, they will usually take Vettel to come second. Todd was the only one to do that this week and, in doing so, he picked up six points for the German’s runner up finishing position. Those few points, however, were enough to vault Todd from fifth up into third, just eleven tics out of second.

The three other staffers in that four way battle for third, Tom, Dave and Grace, all failed to score in Austria, as did Johnpierre. Paul and Tony managed to ever so slightly add to their totals up front, albeit with just two points apiece by way of Raikkonen in fifth. Thanks to another podium finish for Ricciardo, Andrew moved ever closer to the mid runners with those four points. Though he’s back in seventh, he’s only thirteen points out of third. Poor J.P. meanwhile, has now failed to score in six straight races. Luckily, he will only have a few more days until the British Grand Prix before getting another opportunity to get back in the race.


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Paul KieferJr

Picked up another 2 points, just behind Todd by 1.

Johnpierre Rivera

holy crap… what the hell is my problem… i need go back go picking picks school apparently…