FBC Staff Picks: Belgian GP results

There was a point, relatively early on in the season, where the smarter folks jumped on the Lewis train and just stayed on it. Some of us, however, have tried to be sneaky and pick up the odd Nico or Sebastian victory. For the most part, those who have lived by that sword have fallen well back in the points. Or however that metaphor goes.

As is the case more often than not, Hamilton did indeed take a relatively dominant win at Spa and garnered at least nine points for Grace, Paul, Andrew, Johnpierre, Dave and Tom. Andrew and Dave both picked up an extra two points for Maldonado being First Out.

Tom was this week’s highest scorer by virtue of picking the Mercs correct finishing order. Where as Hamilton/Rosberg has been forecast by many a staffer this season, Tom was the only one to actually pick them in that order for Belgium! The extra points helped him to move from 3rd behind Grace to 2nd, just one point back of Paul in 1st. This was the only position change this week. Todd managed to pick up a single point for Massa in 6th, edging him one notch further away from Tony, who was the only staffer to go scoreless this weekend.


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Paul KieferJr

….and the 15 points that I racked up keeps me ahead of Tony.