FBC Staff Picks: Brazilian GP results

With the World Driver’s Championship already in the bag, Lewis Hamilton’s Q1 accident on Saturday all but scuppered the majority of the FBC staff’s chances of taking nine points for another LewHam victory.

With not much to lose, Tony and Johnpierre both rolled the dice and correctly picked Vettel to win. Those points helped Tony move out of a fifth place tie with Dave to take sole possession of that position. J.P. and Dave were actually the only staffers to pick up points for Hamilton, having correctly predicted that the Brit would come home in fourth. Those thirteen total points made Johnpierre this week’s top scorer. The three points were the only ones that Dave picked up, while Grace and Tom each picked up a single point for Ricciardo in sixth.

Thanks to grabbing six points for Bottas in second, Todd did edge a little bit closer to championship leader Paul, who, along with Andrew, went scoreless this weekend. But with just one round left to go in the 2017 Formula One World Championship, there still remains a twenty point gap between our top two staffers. It’s not insurmountable, but it’s pretty much insurmountable!

Current Standings
1. Paul 159
2. Todd 139
3. Tom 132
4. Andrew 122
5. Tony 117
6. Dave 111
7. Grace 103
8. Johnpierre 80

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Paul KieferJr

….and another big fat zero added to my tally. Stuck between Grace and JP.