FBC Staff Picks: Brazilian GP results

It’s most definitely a little too little too late for Nico Rosberg in the 2015 Formula One Season and it appears to be a bit too late for any F1B Staffer with any real hopes of catching Tom for this year’s title. Though 2nd through 6th place are all still within less than ten points of each other, only Andrew is close enough to make a bid for the win with a single race remaining. And even then, he’d have to take almost all of the points on offer and hope that Tom would go scoreless in Abu Dhabi. But that’s looking into the future. For the moment, let’s take a look at what transpired over the weekend in Brazil.

It was one of those rare races in which everyone scored. Dave was this week’s big winner, having taken all nineteen points available for the podium. Though he closed the gap a bit, he and Tony, who took home seven points via Hamilton and Hulkenberg, look sure to stay in the bottom two positions of the field. Andrew was the only other staffer to correctly choose Nico for the win and, as mentioned, those nine points were enough to keep him in contention for the staff title, while also moving past Todd into 2nd place. Grace, Todd, J.P. and Tom each scored four points by way of Vettel in 3rd, while Paul took home three tics for Bottas and Hulk in 5th and 6th respectively. It may be all but out of reach, but Andrew’s still in it with a shout. And the battle for 2nd can still be filled by six out of eight staffers. One more round!!


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Paul KieferJr

Another goose egg, and now I’m stuck between Dave and Tony. Go figure.