FBC Staff Picks: Canadian GP results

For the fourth time in as many races, we’ve had yet another change for the lead in the F1B Staff championship points. What had been a three way battle just a couple of rounds ago has now been blown apart by Johnpierre.

Having led following the first three races of the year, JP lost his lead in Russia, but he and Dave have swapped the top spot following each race since, with Todd not too far behind. But with his two closest rivals having poor showings in Canada, Todd picking up the only points between the two via Button as First Out, JP jumped back to the top spot by correctly picking both Hamilton and Vettel for the pointiest bits of the podium. His lead is now the biggest that any staffer has held so far this season. Grace and Paul both picket up ten points by way of Hamilton for the win and Raikkonen in 6th.

Grace’s points haul helped her move past a scoreless Tony, while Paul’s points moved him just a little bit less out of last. He’s still in last, but less in last! Andrew and Tom also picked up nine points for Lewis, though their positions remained unchanged. 2nd through 5th positions are now separated by less than Johnpierre’s fourteen point lead! And 6th through 8th have even less points between them. The best news is that we now only have a few more days to see how the next race, the European Grand Prix, further shakes up the points standings!


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Paul KieferJr

Mired in 3rd between Dave and Tood. Go figure.