FBC Staff Picks: Canadian GP results

If there are two things that we learned this weekend, they are that Canada loves Hamilton and that Hamilton loves Canada…and that Grace’s reverse Kiss of Death is, in fact, a Kiss of Death. Okay, three things, but who’s counting? Todd, Paul and Tony were the only staffers to pick a Ham/Ros top two finishing order, with Tony being this week’s top scorer by also correctly choosing Massa for 6th. Paul’s haul was enough to move him from 4th to a tie for 2nd with Tom, while Andrew dropped back to 4th via only getting Lewis’ points for the win. J.P and Tom both had strong weekends by adding Raikkonen’s points for 4th, with Johnpierre going one further with Massa in 6th, as well.

Dave, being the only staffer to not choose LewHam for the win, was the only staffer failing to score in Canada. And then there’s Grace. McLaren loving Grace. Though she did in fact pick up nine points for Hamilton, which kept her in the lead of the staff championship, we can all imagine her sorrow in the additional two points she inherited by Fernando Alonso being the first to exit the race. Were those two points worth it? Only Grace knows for sure.


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Paul KieferJr

….and my own tallies puts me in a tie with Todd. Still a long way to the top.