FBC Staff Picks- Chinese GP results

There was a whole lot of scoring done by the F1B staff this weekend, with some fairing well and others fairing very well.Todd and Andrew were this week’s big winners via correctly picking the top four finishers in China. Those twenty-two points were Todd’s first of the year and were enough to vault Andrew into sole position of 1st place in the WSC (World Staffers Championship).

Tom was able to move from 3rd to 2nd by correctly choosing the podium, as well as Massa in 5th. J.P. and Paul both got the Merc finishing order correct, placing them in 3rd and 4th respectiviely, while Grace dropped from 1st all the way back to 5th, even though she picked up nine points for LewHam’s win. Tony dropped a spot to 7th, though he also got some points with both of the Ferrari’s. Dave was the only staffer to not score in a weekend which saw lots of points and lots of movement up and down the filed. And now as we head through the short week to Bahrain, who will be brave enough to pick a red car over a silver one this coming weekend?


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Johnpierre Rivera

Can’t believe Kimi let me down, again….

Paul KieferJr

Still a zero, still at 2 points.