FBC Staff Picks: European GP results

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I want to say that I slept through the first ever European Grand Prix at Baku and that I later heard that it was a good one. But instead, I somehow managed to stay awake through the European GP at Baku, so I later just dreamed that it was a good one. Props definitely go out to the entire field for not only getting through the first lap all in one piece, but for making it through the entire race with almost all bodywork still in tact. The same can’t be said for all FBC staffers, however. By way of correctly choosing Rosberg for the win, Johnpierre further consolidated his lead over Dave, who went scoreless in Azerbaijan. In fact, Dave dropped back to 3rd place, having been vaulted by Todd, who picked up points for Rosberg’s win, Bottas in 6th and, for the second race running, two points for First Out! Paul also picked up those points for Kvyat’s early exit, along with one for Bottas.

Tom managed to stay out of last, though, by getting six points for Vettel in 2nd. Grace picked up those same points, allowing her to move back past a scoreless Tony into 4th place. Not only did Tony lose 4th, but he dropped back another position to 6th, passed by a hard charging Andrew. Mired back in last just three races ago with a meager eight points, the plucky Brit picked up nine more tics this week to add to the eighteen that he picked up in Monaco and the nine he hauled in for Canada. J.P.’s lead stays at fourteen points over 2nd, but there’s a new staffer in that spot. And with the other movement up and down the filed, we definitely have another exciting FBC Staff championship on our hands. It’s definitely better than the latest Grand Prix was!



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Paul KieferJr

Still between Todd and Dave, but smack-dab in the middle with 53. ;-)


I want to know how UP got hold of Bernie’s script :)

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