FBC Staff Picks: German GP results

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Four weeks!! Four long weeks for some FBC staffers to gloat and four long weeks for others to cry in their biers! Thanks, Germany!! As expected going into the 2016 German Grand Prix, it was literally going to be hit or miss for every one of us, as long as one of the two Mercedes pilots won and that is exactly what happened. Fortunately for Grace, Tony and Tom, they picked the right one in Lewis. Grace and Tony each scored enough to move up field, with Grace now taking the lead over a scoreless Todd.

With the help of also correctly picking Verstappen in third, Tony moved up from fourth to second, slipping past a rapidly falling JP, who was in first just two races ago. Along with Todd and Johnpierre, Andrew also failed to score this weekend. Dave and Paul managed to pick up just five points between them, Dave via the Ferraris in fifth and sixth and Paul by way of Massa as First Out. Dave’s points helped him to get into a tie for fifth with Andrew. The shake up out front meant that the top four positions all changed, with the top four now separated by ten points. Fifth through seventh have just three points between them, so there are some good battles up and down the FBC field.



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Paul KieferJr

….and I slipped along with Todd (down to 4th, theoretically).

Jack Flash (Australia)

What cool-aide is Grace drinking?
The world has gone mad.

Paul KieferJr

You noticed this just now?

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