FBC Staff Picks: Hungarian GP results

It is getting to a point in the FBC Staff Championship where, if anyone really wants to pull out ahead, they are going to have to swing for the bleachers…or do whatever motor racing analogy conveys the same message. Switch from intermediates to dry tires two laps before everyone else? Paul did that in Hungary by picking Ricciardo for the win and duly spun off on his out lap, leaving him scoreless. Andrew did the same thing, but at least picked up some points for Vettel in 4th. Dave, JP and Tom each waited one lap longer and picked Rosberg for the victory. And though Tom also went scoreless, Dave at least got 3rd for Daniel. Johnpierre got two points for Max in 5th, but those were the only points he has garnered from the last three races.

This has resulted in what was once a seventeen point lead in the championship to now being fight for 3rd with Tony, who sits just one spot back in 4th. Along with Grace, Tony took points for the correct finishing order of the Mercedes duo, while Grace picked up two more for her McLaren Kiss of Death on poor Jenson Button. You’d think that, by now, he would have turned in his Pool Boy resignation letter. The points were enough to move both of them up one spot, while this week’s big winner was the boss man Todd. He scored with four out of seven positions by way of Lewis, Seb, Max and Kimi. Had Rosberg and Ricciardo swapped positions, he would have gotten all of the top six finishers correct.

In fact, Todd, Grace, Andrew and Tony all correctly picked the finishers in the top six, just not in the right order. But you know what they say, “Close only counts in horse shoes and deciphering which team orders should be penalties and which shouldn’t.” Or something like that.


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Paul KieferJr

…and the 13 I earned puts me 4 behind Todd. :-)