FBC Staff Picks: Hungarian GP results

One of the most unpredictable and downright messy races imaginable has resulted in some of the easiest post-race FBC Staff points tallying ever. Tony finally got one of his recent ‘out on a limb’ picks right by way of Vettel’s big win for Ferrari. Had Ricciardo not flattened Rosberg’s rear tire with his wing…or had Rosberg not flattened his own rear tire on Ricciardo’s wing, depending on how you look at it, and had the Mercedes remained in second place, Tony would have also picked up those additional six points. However, so would have Grace, Paul, Tom and Andrew. And had those pesky McLarens remained true to form and one of them gone out first, Todd, Grace or Tom could have each picked up two extra points. But alas, Tony’s nine points for the win were the sum total picked up in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Though he gained a bit of ground on Todd in 6th spot, there were no changes of position this week. So all in all, a highly entertaining F1 race resulted in a lackluster week for staff picks. Now we sit back and wait a full four weeks for the favorite track for many, Spa!


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This race turned out in a way that nobody could have foreseen. Fun stuff!

Paul KieferJr

….and no points that time, just above Dave now.