FBC Staff Picks: Italian GP results

Paul is continuing to dominate the 2017 FBC Staff Championship as if he were in a class of his own. Whereas every other staffer has failed to score in at least three of the thirteen rounds so far this season, Paul has scored in every race. Having once again picked up nine points via Hamilton’s win in Italy, He once again widened his lead to a thirty-four point gap over to Tony in second. Luckily, Tony picked up three points by way of Ricciardo, as Andrew correctly chose the top four finishing positions and picked up a massive twenty-two points, vaulting him from sixth to third, just four points out of the second spot.

Dave got ten points himself for LewHam and Ocon in sixth, though he still dropped a spot to sole possession of fourth.Tom correctly picked the full podium, gathering nineteen points and is now joined in fifth by Todd, who dropped from third position. The four staffers in second through fifth positions are now separated by just six points. For the third straight race, Grace failed to score. She’s now being quickly gathered in by J.P., who has scored in those same three races, having previously gone seven rounds himself with no points gained. This week, he picked up six tics with the final three positions in the top six; Ricciardo, Raikkonen and Ocon. Oddly enough, no one picked Palmer for First Out this week!!


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Paul KieferJr

…..and I get the same 9 points. Pulling away from Grace. :-D