FBC Staff Picks: Italian GP results

Lewis Hamilton won in Monza! Did anyone see that coming? Well, okay, maybe no one forecast a blown Mercedes lump at least, but if they had, I’m sure they would have correctly pictured it being in the back of Nico’s car. Seven out of eight staffers went with the usual suspect and, therefore, picked up at least nine points for Lewis’ victory.

Though everyone but Tony scored in Italy, there were no really big scorers. Grace took fourteen points, with the addition of Bottas in 4th and Kimi in 5th. And as Tom only picked up the points for the win, Grace was able to move into a tie for 2nd place. Todd also correctly chose Raikkonen, as well as Maldonado as First Out, giving him a cool thirteen points. This moved him into a tie with Andrew for 5th. Dave, got the points for the win, as well as Bottas in 4th, helping him to close the gap to Tony in 7th. Paul, J.P. and Andrew each picked up eleven points this weekend. So even though pretty much everyone scored, the gap between the highs and the lows was only five points. But yet, there was movement up and down the field! The top six are now separated by just sixteen points.


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Paul KieferJr

Stayed between Tony and Todd with my 77 points. Looks like i’ll need a miracle to pick up another spot.