FBC Staff Picks: Japanese GP results

So it turns out that, if you simply pick the top five in the World Driver’s Championship standings, you might just win big. And that’s exactly what both Paul and Dave did in the Japanese Grand Prix. Having correctly chosen Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel, Raikkonen and Bottas to come home first through fifth, both staffers picked up twenty-four points, the most anyone has picked up in a single round all year.

Paul’s haul was enough to keep him out front in the staff championship, while Dave was able to haul himself out of last place for the first time since Canada. Tom very nearly pulled off the same fete, having correctly picked the top four, and Todd got all three podium positions all right. Andrew and J.P. both got Hamilton and Raikkonen right for twelve points apiece and Grace at least got the winner correct, though those nine points weren’t enough to keep her out front, nor even in second spot.

Tony picked up four tics via Vettel’s third place, making the Japanese Grand Prix the rare occasion in which every staffer scored. In fact, following the Singapore GP in which only fifteen total points were scored, the crew brought home a cool one hundred and twenty-six points over the weekend! The gap that covered the top five widened doubled from the twelve points of a week ago.


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Johnpierre Rivera

im so annoyed…. you know how many times i picked this result throughout the year….


For once I am grateful that there isn’t a race next weekend, so that I have a little longer not being last.

Johnpierre Rivera

ha ha

Paul KieferJr

….and I’m still between Todd and Dave.