FBC Staff Picks: Malaysia GP results

Whenever neither Hamilton nor Vettel win a Grand Prix as of late, it will almost always keep the total points scored for the entire staff down to a ridiculously low level. And so it was with the 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen’s relatively flawless race meant that no staffer took home the nine points awarded for correctly choosing the winner. Dave was one of only two to not choose the Brit to win and, luckily, he did pick Lewis to come home second behind his Mercedes teammate, Bottas. And although the Finn didn’t win, Dave did get six points for Lewis in second. Those six points were the tops this week and they were enough to move Dave up from fifth to a tie for third with Tony.

Johnpierre also picked up those same six points, though it really didn’t get him much closer to Grace, as she took home five points herself via Ricciardo in third and Perez in sixth. Sergio’s finishing position was the smart bet this week, as Paul, Andrew and Tony also picked up that lone point for the Mexican.

Since Todd in second didn’t score this week, the five staffer battle for that spot closed up just a bit, with only eight points separating second through sixth place. Now we only have a few days before the next round as the teams head towards the mighty Suzuka circuit for the Japanese Grand Prix.


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