FBC Staff Picks: Malaysian GP results

There are some out there who may claim to not be surprised that a Ferrari, or anyone for that matter, beat out the Mercedes team so early in the 2015 season. It definitely got all of the F1B staffers off guard and, therefore, seriously limited the amount of scoring coming out of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

With every single one of us having picked Hamilton for the win and all but Dave choosing Rosberg for second, no one got points for the top two steps of the podium, nor even for the third, for that matter. I’m sure Vettel is not to bothered by that, though. Kimi Raikkonen’s amazing drive from the back of the grid to fourth did garner three points for both Paul and championship leader Grace.Tony picked up his first points of the season via Bottas in fifth and those eight points were the sum total from the second round of the season. Why oh why couldn’t Maldonado’s punctured tire just flailed about a bit more? Is some damaged suspension resulting in another First Out really too much to ask for?


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Paul KieferJr

Tied with you, Tony.