FBC Staff Picks: Mexican GP results…Grace’s comeback

I wonder how long I could make this FBC Staff Results report if I were to try to figure up all three of the various finishing orders. Had things stayed as they were originally, Tony would have held on to his lead. As it was, he went scoreless. Todd, meanwhile, would have gone scoreless with the initial results, but picked up nine points after the FIA’s third attempt. But those nine points weren’t enough to stay in a tie for 2nd with Grace, as she picked up all nineteen points available for the podium. Not only did she move out of that tie for second, she’s now back in the lead again for the first time in seven rounds…a lead which had been held by Tony since Belgium.

Todd, unfortunately, not only lost out in the battle for second, but he also got passed by Johnpierre, who picked up eighteen points by way of the Mercedes and Ferrari duos. And of course he had the Red Bulls in the mix, just in the wrong order! Tom and Paul both picked up fifteen points for Lewis and Nico, while Andrew correctly chose Daniel for third. Though the bottom four staffers held position, everyone in the top four moved up or down at least one spot.


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Paul KieferJr

Not quite yet, Grace. My 25 for the weekend puts me at 173. With two races to go, catching up to me is going to be a hard task. ;-)