FBC Staff Picks: Monaco GP results

As is often the case, Monte Carlo provided an exciting race with a mixed bag of results. And because of those mixed results, we’ve had another change of position up front. Dave once again moves back to the top spot by way of picking up nine points for Hamilton’s win, as well as an additional three for Vettel in 4th. Johnpierre dropped back to 2nd, though he also picked up the same nine points with Lewis, while Todd fell back to 3rd, having only scored with Vettel. Tony moved out of a tie for 4th with Grace by picking the right Merc driver to step on the top of the podium, while Grace was the only staffer to go scoreless in Monaco.

Andrew was this week’s biggest scorer, having picked up a whopping eighteen points via Hamilton, Ricciardo and Vettel. Not only did he move from last to 6th, but he more than tripled his previous points total. Tom picked up nine points with Ricciardo and Vettel, but still dropped back a spot to 7th, while Paul’s three points for Seb didn’t manage to keep him from falling back to last position. As you can see, picking Der Seb for 4th was a quick way for five staffers to pick up three points. And half of the crew took at least nine for Hamilton’s win. The top four are now separated by thirteen points with the top two having only one tic between them.


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Paul Charsley

I could have been a contender! damn Red Bull pitstop


I agree, you were robbed. However, Max in second was a stretch too far.

Paul KieferJr

….and my big fat zero drops me between JP and Todd.

Tom Firth

I can’t believe I scored nine points and still went backwards ha. My title defence is not going well.


Surely this is the dodgiest. most dishonest sport result seen in years. It makes world championship wrestling look like the olympics. They couldn’t find the tyres… Are they serious? These guys stand there the whole race and their job is to put tyres on every 60 minutes or so. They were somewhere difficult to access. Really???? This is a rip off…. Must be a result for gamblers.