FBC Staff Picks: Monaco GP results

Just like Lewis, someone in the Mercedes camp has four angry F1B staffers to answer to. Had some nincompoop on the pit wall not made such a faulty error by calling Hamilton in for a last minute tire change during the Virtual Safety Car period, Todd, Andrew, Johnpierre and Tom not only would have correctly guessed the winner, but the entire podium. The gap across the entire staff field has lessened with Rosberg’s victory, however, as has the chase for the WDC.

Dave, who was in last place going into Monaco, was this weekend’s big winner by way of picking Rosberg for the win and Vettel for second. Tony also picked up nine points for the win, catching up on the rest of the field but still remaining at the back of the pack. Grace, however, has been coming on strong and correctly called both the winner and, finally, Maldonado’s triumphant return as First Out. By doing so, she jumps up from third and takes the lead over Andrew and Tom, who each managed only a single point, also for Chrashtor. Paul moved up a spot to fourth by way of Hamilton and Ricciardo, as Todd and J.P. both went scoreless in the principality. Eleven points now separate the top five and the three at the back also have a tight battle on their hands, while slowly making up ground on the frontrunners.


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Johnpierre Rivera

Unbelievable….I went from P3 only a handful of points behind P1 to a lowly forth. Thank you Max and Mercedes….Whatever….. &%$#@*()%

Paul KieferJr

Woohoo! Big 17 points! I’m now tied with Todd!