FBC Staff Picks results: Bahrain GP

Just two races into the 2016 Formula One season and all F1B staffers are already on the board. Granted, most of us are just barely on the board. However, Johnpierre appears to be checking out on the strength of back to back wins by Nico Rosberg. Add to those points an additional four by way of Hamilton’s 3rd place finish and JP’s lead is already almost four times that of everyone.

Well, except for Dave, who also scored with Nico’s win to add to the six points he got in Australia. Oddly enough, the only other three points made this weekend were one each for Paul, Grace and Andrew thanks to Verstappen’s 6th place finish. Grace could have gotten a couple more, but she picked the wrong Mercedes when applying her reverse Kiss of Death. Looks like she might want to apply that KOD to Rosberg, as JP, the 2014 Staff Champion appears to be making another run for a second title in three years.


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I have noticed you guys leaving Daniel Ricciardo off your picks and that has proven to be unwise.

Paul KieferJr

For the record, 16 BIG POINTS! One ahead of Dave, six behind JP. :-D