FBC Staff Picks: Russian GP results

The Hamilton train rolls on while the Rosberg train, much like his gas pedal, continues to derail. Everyone but Paul and Tony picked up nine points for Lewis’ victory. In fact, everyone scored in Russia except for Paul and Tony. To make matters worse, Paul even had a point for Kvyat in 6th, right up until Kimi’s penalty moved the Russian up to 5th.

The lack of points dropped Paul back to a tie for 2nd with Grace, who along with Andrew, picked up fifteen points for correctly picking Hamilton and Vettel for the top two steps of the podium. Andrews points were enough to move him from 5th to 4th past J.P.

Tom, however, was able to convert his nine points into a move to lead. Had Kimi successfully made his move on Bottas and Grace both would have picked up an additional four points. Had the Finn been happy to settle for 4th, Todd, Dave, J.P. and Tom all would have picked up extra points. But alas, racers are racers and, as that old saying goes, “If you no longer go for a gap…”


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Paul KieferJr

….and 15 for me as well, putting me within 11 of Todd.