FBC Staff Picks: Singapore GP results

Sometimes you get a Grand Prix whose results are so far out there that the staff points resulting from said GP are few and far between. Not that a Vettel victory is too much out of the norm, but a completely Mercedes free podium most definitely is. With a grand total of eight points, recent non-scorer Tony took this week’s biggest haul via Raikkonen in 3rd, Bottas in 5th and Hulkenberg as First Out.

Thanks, Felipe! Unfortunately, those eight points were not enough to haul him out of 7th spot, though he did get at least a bit closer to Todd. By way of Bottas and Kvyat in 5th and 6th respectively, Grace managed to get just enough points to move her into a tie for 1st place with Paul. Having already won the title in 2013, could we have our first repeat F1B Staff World Champion? Andrew was the only other staffer to pick up points in Singapore, though his four for Raikkonen were not quite enough to move him out of 5th place.

However, he did lessen the gap to the front, as the top five are now separated by a mere twelve points with six rounds still to go. And the best news is that we have a rare and lovely back to back race weekend, so there won’t be long to wait for another edition of the F1B Staff Picks.


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Johnpierre Rivera

Im telling you all this little competition of ours is going to be end of me. %&$#@!

Paul KieferJr

Total goose egg on that one. I’m stuck between 6th and 7th.