FBC Staff Picks: Spanish GP results

We may need to wait until Monaco to know for certain if Nico Rosberg is back in the fight against his Mercedes teammate, but what is certain is that there wasn’t a whole lot of staff points coming out of Spain thanks to Lewis Hamilton NOT winning. In fact, Tony was this week’s big winner with a grand sum of seven points, having picked LewHam and Massa in their correct finishing places. Grace and J.P. both picked up four points thanks to Vettel’s placing, with Dave also picking up four tics via Bottas in 4th and Massa in 6th.

Tom and Todd both picked up a single point thanks to Massa, as well. Unfortunately, Pastor Maldonado could not hold up his end of the bargain by being First Out, no matter how hard he and his rear wing end plate tried. But he has exited Monte Carlo in spectacular fashion before, so there’s always next time! Despite the nominal points taken in Barcelona, there was still some ground gained up and down the field this week. Even with just one point earned, Tom was able to move into joint First Place with Andrew, who, along with Paul, were the only staffers to go scoreless this weekend. J.P. and Grace both moved up to just two points out of First. The battle up front is tight, with the Top Five separated by just six points.


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Paul KieferJr

Dang. Big goose-egg again. Only beating Dave this time. Gotta work on that.