FBC Staff Picks: The championship decided

The final race of every Formula Season is always a somewhat bittersweet affair. This weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was no different. Bittersweet for Nico Rosberg, as he appears to have left things a bit too late. Bittersweet for Lewis, as he appears to have officially lost his former BFFF (i.e. he’s lost his Best Friend Forever Forever). BUT, none of that is really too important, is it?

The only real reason we even follow the sport is to see how the F1B Staff Championship comes out from race to race! And this season was a good one and it is indeed bittersweet to see it come to an end. As for the race itself, Dave was this weekend’s big scorer by way of correctly choosing the Mercedes duo’s finishing order, while Tony came second best with Hamilton and Perez’ placings.

Unfortunately, none of these extra points were enough to haul either staffer out of the bottom two spots of the field. Paul took home six points via Lewis and, with the close battle amongst five staffers, this was indeed enough to move him up from 5th to 3rd in the final standings. J.P. and Andrew each picked up two points for Pastor as First Out. The extra point that Johnpierre also got for Ricciardo in 6th helped him move from 6th to a tie for 5th with Grace.

Unfortunately, our Grace had dropped to that spot from 4th after going scoreless this weekend. Todd also failed to score, dropping him from 3rd to 4th. Tom took home no points this weekend, but it didn’t matter. His lead was sizeable enough that the young man is now the 2015 F1B Staff Champion! Andrew came home 2nd, some twenty-two points back and just three clear of Paul. In fact, 2nd through 5th place, five staffers in total, were separated by a mere eight points! A few interesting stats regarding our picks throughout the year; Paul had the most amount of correct calls for the win with eleven.

The fewest was Tony with four (curse you, Nico Rosberg!). Grace amazingly scored points in the first seventeen rounds and only failed to score again on this final weekend! Even though he finished in 2nd to last for the season, Dave actually scored the most points in a race on five different occasions. However, he failed to score at all nine times, which was also top of the staffers. Andrew got the most correct First Out calls and…you’re not going to believe this…but each and every one was for Pastor Maldonado! Japan was both the only race in which every staffer scored, as well as the race with the most amount of points scored by all staffers (111) and the most by individual staffers (24 by both Paul and Dave).

Hungary had both the lowest amount of total points scored (9) and the lowest number of scorers (1, Tony for Vettel’s win). Overall, it was an exciting season in which the lead changed seven times amongst five staffers, which is more than half of the field. However, Tom took the lead for the first time in the 15th round of the season and steadily pulled away. Many congratulations to him and we’ll see you again in 2016!


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Negative Camber

Tom for the win!! Tom wins the internet! And Paul beat me on the last corner to take the podium position away from me!!

Paul KieferJr

111 points! Just enough to stay ahead of Tony, but that’s it. We’ll try this again next year….
….and congrats to Tom! He truly is a “Motorsport Monk”! :-D


I guess we now know who the “real” F1 expert is around these parts.


Not just F1, anything with an engine and wheels.

Tom Firth

Heh, thanks all :-)