FBC Staff Picks: US Grand Prix results

With his third World Driver’s championship sealed in Austin, Lewis Hamilton moved into rarefied air. Tom, though not quite as historic, widened the gap from first to second in the staff championship into double digits for the first time this season. Along with Todd and Andrew, Tom scored nineteen points by correctly choosing the top three positions.

Todd’s points were enough to move him up a spot from 6th to 5th, while Andrew’s helped him to leap frog Paul and Grace, who moved from a tie for 2nd back to a tie for 3rd, as both of them picked up nine points for LewHam’s win. Dave picked up six tics by way of Vettel and Perez, while JP also got four points for Seb’s third place finish. For the third time in the last five rounds, Tony went scoreless, solidifying his position as the leader in the F1B 2015 Pastor Maldonado Award chase.


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Paul KieferJr

…and a big fat goose egg puts me between JP and Dave.