FBC Staff Picks: USGP results

With three rounds still to go in the 2017 Formula One season, Paul continues to absolutely trounce his fellow FBC staffers, very nearly already surpassing Grace’s championship winning points total for the entirety of last year.

In Austin, Paul picked up the highest number of staff points by correctly choosing Hamilton and Vettel’s finishing position, as well as Verstappen and Bottas. Todd also picked up the top two finishers to remain in second position, but Tom correctly picked the full podium, which helped him move up to just two points out of second spot. That broke up the tie he was in with Andrew, who scored ten points with LewHam and Ocon back in sixth.

Grace picked up thirteen points herself thanks to Hamilton, Verstappen and Ocon. Though she’s still in seventh position, she’s now just six back of Tony and Dave, who are tied for fifth. Thanks to the stewards, those two picked up three points for Max in fourth, as did Johnpierre.

The post race shake up ensured that all staffers would score this weekend. Now, with less than a week before the next race in Mexico, the staffers need to decide if any of them are brave enough to continue hoping for a Ferrari resurgence. For some, a Vettel pick and win may be the only way to make up lost ground!


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Paul KieferJr

…and the 12 I picked up (HAM & VER) gets me to a point from Grace.

Rich Saylor

Lots of criticism about the steward’s decision to penalize Max 5 seconds for his off-course inside pass, but really, as the video clearly shows he did go off the course- however briefly- if the stewards had NOT imposed the usual (and presumably fair) penalty, there most likely would have been even MORE howling about this fairly typical enforcement of the rules, which we’ve all seen happen before. Too bad for Max it didn’t happen earlier, when he might have had time to try again without going off-course, but as he did it essentially near the last corner of the last… Read more »