FBC Track Talk: British Grand Prix- Silverstone

How do you get pole position at the British Grand Prix? Well, jump on board this podcast and take a hot lap around the Silverstone circuit with Paul Charsley. Paul tell you how to manage each corner and how to get the best lap possible at this iconic circuit. 

BTR Player:

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Peter Riva

Here’s a map of Silverstone (and attachment larger) to go with excellent preview commentary.
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Peter Riva

So many details we learn with these podcasts that not one person on TV ever talks about. Fake media? Hardly, just dumb-ed down to suit the diminishing intellect of America. Sad.

the international

Thanks Peter , yes the lack of depth in the media of such things annoyed me into doing them ! I would love for one of the current drivers to do it , but it’s always superficial info that anyone can speak to