FBC Track Talk: Hockenheimring- German GP

Here’s how to get the best lap out of the German GP at the Hockenheimring. Join Paul for a quick tutorial on how to drive this circuit and what to watch for this weekend from the Formula 1 drivers.

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peter riva

where’s the map?

peter riva

comment image

peter riva

in all honesty, this is the best feature on F1B… brilliant, useful, entertaining (funny at times) and informative – more so than NBC.

The International!

Thanks Peter!


I liked it when the circuits had vastly different characteristics, and a car that was good on one type of circuit may not be as good elsewhere. Now too many of the tracks have them same sort of corners, requiring the same levels of downforce. So once a team dominates at one circuit they tend to have an advantage everywhere.