FBCindi Episode #23 — Barber preview, driver debuts, and Twitter blues


Tonight, we have Doug “The Professor” Patterson and Tom “The Motorsports Monk” Firth.  John “The Race Fan” Olsakovsky is off being an adult tonight.  We have one thing on our minds: Barber Motorsports Park!  There’s a little bit of news, and a bit of a twitter storm, but mostly, we look forward to the first natural terrain road course of the 2017 Verizon IndyCar Series season.  

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With Rahal saying this, Veach looks to have little chance with him. Then again money talks. https://www.motorsport.com/indycar/news/rahal-says-second-indycar-would-cost-7m-820366/ Correct about only two cars with ECR. Manor had Air B&B, so and IndyCar should be able to grab something like Lyft. Go to Outback after Harvick gets a top 10 finish. Free Bloomin’ Onion. Haas’ model was to not have a title sponsor other than his own company. I can’t recall who I heard it from but his business reportly has picked up, so that’s immediately successful in some respect. Would you rather see in IndyCar many sponsors that consistently return or… Read more »