As if throwing petrol on a fire isn’t bad enough, Ferrari have studied the engines and determined that the McLaren developed SECU may be to blame for their poor performance in the Australian Grand Prix.

In a news report from GMM, Ferrari have suggested that they are trying to come to grips with the Standard Electronic Control Unit developed by arch rival McLaren for all of the F1 teams this year. This was an effort by Max and the FIA to eliminate traction control and better ensure that teams do not use all the “gizmos” previously allowed in F1. Engine braking and traction control are the biggest changes for this season.

With Ferrari – McLaren relations already strained to a limit, this news surely adds to the harsh words on forums world-wide. Ferrari fans will claim McLaren’s conspiracy to design an ECU that presents challenges to Ferrari’s design. How would they know? Well they did have a 780-page book on the Ferrari in which to exploit complications. McLaren fans will claim that Ferrari are trying, once again, to make a meal out of McLaren’s hard luck and blaming McLaren for their own shoddy car and lack of reliability now that the Schumi era is over.

Either way, it makes for interesting speculation and I for one think it’s Microsoft. The new SECU Vista model lacks the Ferrari driver and will not work with the F2008 or a Canon i(60 printer as it is three years old. Just saying…

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Shake shake shake…conspiracy theory…

Lucas S.
Lucas S.

This is going to go on all season if Ferrari doesn’t get their crap together, so in an odd twist part of me wants Ferrari to get their crap together (write this in your calendars as a day to remember). Now, where do I start placing blame? It’s actually pretty easy since I don’t like any of the parties involved Ferrari – Talk about taking the easiest excuse on the table, they could have at least waited a couple of races to see if the problems persisted before blaming Mclian, even if it is Mclians fault. Also, is the ECU… Read more »


Complete nonsense. After all its too easy to blame someone else outside the team.

What about testing?

What about the rest of the field using the ECU?

Does it come with a Ferrari firewall?


when you think about tit thiugh it was an incredibly dumb thing by the FIA to let a Mclaren company supply the ecu. After all as now sated it was the easiest thing to go after.

I wonder what would of happend if it was a Ferrari Spa ECU they were all using what would happen.


What would happen if it was a Ferrari ECU – the same thing Todd outlined above just replace Ferrari with McLaren, McLaren with Ferrari and replace The Schum with Mika. Ah I love a good conspiracy theory in the mid-afternoon.