Ferrari Continue Legal Action

In an effort, weak though it may be, to show that I am not gloating over the McLaren debacle, I will endeavor to explain my dislike of Ferrari’s continuance of their legal action. If the FIA’s call to end the saga is good enough for Ferrari and the apology letter was accepted, then I believe Ferrari should cancel all legal action and return to racing. If they are truly seeking justice and feel McLaren have been ousted as the cheaters they leveraged earlier this year, then why the expensive legal battle to prove what already has been proven. Should they seek to continue legal action against Nigel Stepney, so be it but to continue their crusade against McLaren is a bit like kicking the dead horse until it moves about giving some semblance of life.

Dear Mr. Luca Di Monte…blah, blah,

Lead be example and stop the legal action against McLaren. You have made your point and now you are are gloating. Let Italian passion be focused on track and at clinching another title for Kimi not taking the pi$$ our of our man Ron.

I am, Yours, &c.
Negative Camber

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